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He was like a crazed man. The former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, now totally stripped of all power, following the convention of the FNM on Saturday 27 November, got up in the House to defend the decision that he made to announce that he wanted to raise Parliamentary salaries. The now Leader of the Opposition Michael Pintard was seeking to distinguish it as not being FNM policy at the time because he made a statement that he ( Mr. Pintard) did not support it.  Unfortunately for Mr. Minnis, he was not answering the question which was : did you say it?  The answer is yes, he did.  Mr. Pintard too missed the point, when Dr. Minnis spoke he was the Prime Minister, and leader of the FNM, so he spoke for all “an em”. We think after the melt down which ended with “ don’t let me get started in here today”, we think its time for Dr, Minnis to resign the seat and go take a rest from politics.  The end is near.