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Lies and more lies… can’t get the story straight turkey, stick a fork in him. He’s done. Seven months into the term, you have never seen a government disintegrate as quickly as this one. This is really a case of dumb and dumber. They stumble and bumble from one thing to the next. Dr. Minnis is a dead man walking.

The Prime Minister himself was so despondent about this unfolding public story and the internecine fighting that seems about to imperil his own leadership of the party, that he spoke in a heart to heart with his Cabinet last week. He told the press that he told them that they needed to settle down. They needed to press ahead. They had done much good for the Bahamian people and that they must just keep their eyes on the prize. Our words not his.

That is all fine and good, except what have they done so called for the Bahamian people.

He claims they have fought corruption. Not quite. They have locked up PLPs and used the police to exact victor’s justice on their political opponents like South American dictators. Their cases seem to be falling apart.

Then they claim that they have calmed the country down on crime. Mr. Minnis himself said that crime was down as was the fear of crime. His lost in space Minister of National Security Marvin Dames claimed behind his dark shades that the rate of murders was dropping. The evidence does not show it. What it shows is that the police have suddenly become expert at killing people who have been causing problems by being out on bail.

Then they claim to have reformed immigration. That is a bold faced lie since the reform was carried out by the PLP and they have not changed a thing. But they plan to fire 200 immigration officers who they say have nothing to do, and they won’t indeed have anything to do we suppose when the Bill they plan to pass goes through and people will get automatic work permits to come into The Bahamas.

The biggest joke is the claim that they have put wi fi on the public parks. That too is a PLP initiative which they are just now seeing the fruits of.

Their Minister of Environment was filmed drinking himself into oblivion at a bar. They are trying their best to prop him up but even Dr Minnis got caught in a lie on that one. The Gazette clearly showed that fully half of the Minister’s portfolio had been withdrawn from him. Yet the Office of the Prime Minister last Sunday declared it fake news. The Prime Minister himself denounced it. Yet when the press actually went and got the Gazette it was indeed true. The Prime Minister was silent. He is now a certified liar.

So that is our Prime Minister and our FNM government. Just clueless, just hopeless and hapless.

Stick a fork in these fellows. They’re incompetent and having a good time at the expense of the Bahamas people.

You can count your reign in months. Have a good time because you’re gone.