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Hubert Minnis put another nail in his political coffin on Friday 4th June 2021.  He communicated at 4:15 p m on the eve of the 60th anniversary of Labour Day in The Bahamas, that his government would not allow the Labour Movement to have a motorcade to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Sir Randal Fawkes accomplishment. The Movement is livid.  People are sick and tired of the suppression of rights.

The Labour Leaders had since two weeks before written letters asking the Prime Minister to allow them to hold the motorcade.  The Prime Minister ignored them until 4:15 p.m. on the eve of the events itself when plans had been set to go ahead.  There was no reason to think that plans could not go ahead.

After all, there was the scene of the weekend before where thousands of tourists were jumping to the sounds of Junkanoo, no masks, no social distancing, just junkanoo fun. 

In contrast, the Minnis government refused to allow a motorcade to take place.

The police ought to be very careful in enforcing these unlawful orders by the Prime Minister.  Videos started showing up of them stopping people on the street because they had PLP flags and Bahaman flags adorning their vehicles.

At Arawak Cay patrons were told that if they showed up to Arawak Cay with PLP flags their cars would not be allowed in the vicinity of Arawak Cay.  Again this is all illegal and the police and the Government have no such authority.  But this is what we have come to under Hubert Minnis and the FNM.

In the Lion in Winter, there is scene where the King is about to set off for Rome to get an  annulment from the Pope.  His wife challenges him and  he shouts at her: “ You can say good bye to my horse’s ass and count your rein in weeks.”

Would that we were able to say the same thing about Hubert Minnis and the FNM.  Instead we ask the question: “ Oh Lord how long? “

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