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For Immediate Release

22 July 2021

The following statement is from Senator Fred Mitchell, Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party:

The suggestion by the leadership of the FNM that the prediction made by PLP Leader, Hon. Philip Brave Davis, related to an early election, speaks to his credibility, is consistent with Dr. Minnis and the FNM’s desperate stretch to falsely and maliciously characterize our leader for nothing more than political gain. Our Leader remains focused on creating opportunities for all Bahamians and not just an elite few, unlike the FNM.

The PLP, like many Bahamians, noted signs of a snap election being called.   

I have publicly stated that Dr. Minnis remains torn on an election date for various reasons. 

The FNM’s National Security Minister told reporters recently that he suspects an early election. So does the leadership of the FNM now questions Mr. Dames’ credibility?

Dr. Minnis has no credibility when it comes to the uncertainty of when the election will be called.

In 2017, Dr. Minnis campaigned against a sitting prime minister being able to hold an election date as a mystery. He promised, among the many things he has not delivered on, a fixed election date. Four years later, Dr. Minnis is trying to play mind games with the Bahamian people. 

We say, Dr. Minnis can call it now or later, the Bahamian people want him and this uncaring and inept FNM government gone. 

The uncertainty surrounding the election has nothing to do with the PLP. Like most things that are not going well in our country: a struggling economy, the mismanagement of Hurricane Dorian and the present COVID-19 pandemic, the high rate of unemployment and gun related violent crime count and so much more together amount to IMF – It’s Minnis’ Fault. 

Dr. Minnis and the FNM must go.