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best cialis sildenafil times;”>A picture tells a thousand words.  Where were the MPs of the FNM?  Only three of ten.  Were the two new ones welcome?   Were the others told that the newcomers were joining?  The story is as late as the night before the House meeting when  Andre Rollins and Renward Wells joined the FNM, malady the Leader of the FNM denied to his own members that they were joining.   The following statement was issued that the press conference pictured above on Wednesday 4th November. 

Good Day my fellow Bahamians. This is indeed a great day for democracy in the Bahamas. On behalf of the Free National Movement, I want to officially welcome the two latest members to our team.

The member of parliament for Bamboo Town, Mr. Renward Wells and the member of parliament for FT. Charlotte, Dr. Andre Rollins, two of the brightest minds in the country today. Mr. Wells is an eminently qualified engineer and Dr. Rollins is a fellow physician.

Both men are known nationalists, these are the kind of minds we in the Free National Movement intend to employ and deploy, as we move to reboot the Bahamas and bring a new approach to the management of government in the new Bahamas.

We are a party committed to the development of this country. We look forward to their respective contributions, as we prepare to take the reins of a country that has lost its way over the last three years, under a government that appears rudderless, out of touch and out of step with the needs and desires of this nation at this time.