Minnis Tries To Defend His Administrations Ineptitude

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This photo was doing the rounds last week as the Minnis administration tried to fight off claims of ineptness and insensitivity and losing support.  The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis was in the press last week with one device or another.  He scoffed at the fact that Lionel Sands, his former close friend and supporter, and head of the contractors’ association had resigned from the head of the association and then departed the FNM.  This followed the departure of Darnell Osborne another hardcore FNM.  In each case they struck at the claims of the FNM as a party of integrity and corruption free.  Dr. Minnis dismissed the losses saying that the FNM has solid support.  Then he defended that criminal Omar Archer, who inexplicably, has been hired as the Registrar of Contractors at the Ministry of Works on the ground that although he did bad things in his past, he deserves to be able to make a living.  Well the retort to that must be what is sauce for the goose must be sauce for the gander.  He certainly didn’t mount that defence of Mr. Sands who has no criminal background but presumably also has the right to live as well.  Mr. Archer has no known qualifications for the job except that he helped the FNM savage the PLP in the last election.