Mistreating Laville At The Water And Sewerage Corporation

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26 September

Glen Laville is their supporter and he was the General Manager under the PLP.  He was escorted off the premises by the police and the mercurial, quizzical and we are being kind to Adrian Gibson who is the Chairman of the Board, then announced that there was a forensic audit being done at the Corporation to determine where the money went.  No one knows what he is talking about least of all Glen Laville. They confiscated his lap top and took away the keys.   What was curious of course was the proximity of the decision to remove Mr. Laville to the statement of Mr. Laville contradicting the Chairman when he said that there was a no touch list of public officials at the Water and Sewerage Corporation.  Mr. Laville said he knew of no such list.  The next day he was gone.