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20 MARCH 2015

An officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been tasked with responding to the allegations made in a letter delivered to the Ministry by Amnesty International.  The queries in the letter have now turned up in a press release by that organization.

We say generally that the allegations contained in the letter and in the press release are a rehash of the same allegations from other human rights organizations.  They are not well grounded in the facts.

There are material errors in their press statement

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There is in the ministry’s view no need to clarify any aspects of the policy to them.  Everything about the policy is in the public domain and is pellucidly clear.

55 illegal migrants were detained in Abaco on 19th March and are now in Nassau awaiting repatriation to their home country. The numbers including three women with their children who are detained at a safe house in Nassau separate from the others who are at the Detention Centre.