Mitchell In Bermuda With The PYL

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Senator Fred Mitchell with The Bahamas PLP’s delegation to the opening of the Parliament of Bermuda in Hamilton 8 September. Barry Griffin Progressive Young Liberals (PYL) Chair and Telia Saunders, PYL Vice Chair. The photos are taken with PLP Premier of Bermuda David Burt and the second photo with Deputy Premier Walter Roban.  The Progressive Labour Party of Bermuda was formed in 1963.  Its founding Leader was Lois Brown Evans, who was a class mate in the University of London with Sir Lynden Pindling.  The slogan of the PLP in Bermuda like that of the PLP in Nassau is “All The Way!”  The two parties have had longstanding ties over the years and Senator Mitchell is seeking to ensure that the ties pass on to the next generation of leaders. Thus the visit to Bermuda for the opening of Parliament and the reading of The Speech from The Throne on 8 September in Hamilton.