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Speaking at the PLP’s No Lie Lasts Forever Rally on Wednesday 9th May, Fred Mitchell answered a press release issued by Joe Darville who is an officer of the phony human rights group Rights Bahamas. Here is what he said in his own words:

This morning I saw lying Joe Darville in the newspaper calling my name and Jerome Fitzgerald trying to justify the Minister of Education opening up the school to every illegal immigrant and mischaracterizing what the PLP did when we are in office. I say this to Joe Darville: you can talk to me when you match my record. I was never a traitor to my country. I didn’t go crying like a little sheep dog to the international community and lie on my country’s government and say my life was in danger. I don’t frequent numbers houses and then set myself up as paragon of moral virtue and rectitude. When you can match that record, you can call my name. Until then keep my name out your blank blank mouth.