Mitchell Responds To Candia Dames

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On 9th August, the Nassau Guardian wrote a piece in their National Review opinion section which is really the rant of the week by Candia Dames, its Managing Editor, which claimed that Fred Mitchell was “unhinged”.

Mr. Mitchell issued his own statement but we think it is important to add to it.  Ms. Dames has a problem which she and her employer refuse to understand or acknowledge.  That problem is the understanding of the ethics of journalism. You have to understand what self-dealing is and know when to step away from it.  You have to also understand that you don’t on the one had argue for women to be treated like men in the business but then seek use your physical assets to get the story which often leads to people feeling used. The real problem though is that jiggling ones breasts doesn’t make everyone go cross eyed.

Here is Mr. Mitchell’s full statement:

9 August 2017

Someone pointed out to me this morning that Candia Dames has written a piece in The Nassau Guardian using my picture with the headline “Unhinged”. I am happy to collect the Nassau Guardian’s money for this clearly libellous assertion about me.

When this lady, who refuses to accept that there is something improper about her being the Managing Editor of The Guardian and shamelessly promoting her brother the Minister of National Security on its front pages, finally understands that this is a fundamental conflict of interest and unethical journalistic behaviour, then she might be able to talk to me about my views.

Her irrational response to me, her obvious bias and hatred, clearly shows that when sawdust was being given out for brains, in her case, it was not in short supply.