Mitchell Supports The Bills

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viagra sale store times;”>Description:, view Bahamas – The following is a statement by the Hon. Fred Mitchell, MP, Fox Hill, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration:

On behalf of the people of Fox Hill, I was pleased today to cast a vote for the four constitutional amendment bills in the affirmative, and to support the rights of women to equality in our country.

I am asking all the people of the Fox Hill constituency to vote yes when the proposition is put to the electorate later this year.

I will support its passage by my own yes vote.

I dedicate this vote to my late mother Lilla Mitchell who was in every way equal to my father and held our family together through thick and thin. I can think of no finer tribute to her.

I also recall all the many women who run our institutions and are the engines of our country and particularly those in Fox Hill. My own party branch is run by women. Many churches in Fox Hill are headed by women and certainly without the support of women our institutions would be in serious trouble. Neither the church nor the state can be run effectively without them and they should not be second class citizens in our land.

To the women in our country: in 2012 there were 15,000 more women on the electoral register than men. This means that in this referendum, women have the power to ensure the passage of these acts by their sheer numbers alone.

I thank all my parliamentary and Cabinet colleagues and those who headed the Constitutional Commission for all their work in advancing the cause of freedom and equality in our country.

I will do all I can to support it.