Mitchell With Pastors In Fox Hill

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viagra canada viagra times;”>Seemed like it should have been a good week, viagra sale   on Whit Monday  25th May, the pastors of Fox Hill led by Bishop Arnold Josey of the Commonwealth Baptist Church in Elizabeth Estates led a prayer service to banish crime from the Fox Hill area.  Minister of Foreign Affairs and Fox Hill MP joined them in prayer as did Minister of Social Services Melanie Griffin.  That done, all seemed well.  Except that it appears that the devil was still busy.  There was a report , quite exaggerated, that children in schools throughout New Providence and they mentioned Anatol Rodgers High School and Sandilands Primary School in particular had to bring in preachers again because the children were said to be possessed with the devil.  One teacher or someone connected to events at Sandilands sent an audio around saying how the children were possessed with the devil. That was irresponsible by the teacher but it shows how silly this country is and how difficult it is to govern when people believe nonsense so easily.  There was no  formal comment from the Ministry of Education but the spirit is said to be part of a game called  Charlie Charlie.