More Names Of FNM Homophobes

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Last week, we published a remarkable story about the men who sat on the side lines of the benches of the House of Assembly when the vote took place to suspend Glenys Hanna Martin MP in the House on 14 February. These men sat there knowing the true facts of life and pounded on the table for the perverted and twisted hatred and logic of the Speaker of the House Of Assembly Halson Moultrie.  He attacked the LGBTQ community in the country by suggesting that they were reprobates and perverts and that homosexual men are not real men.  He used a slur: “power puff”. We pointed out that the men in the list who pounded on the table knowing the true facts of life should not have been pounding on the table but should have been standing up for right and for people to identify as their true selves.  This week, it gets worse because as soon as the list was published last week, other names were sent the webmaster.  We choose not to publish them this week. We think that the point has been made.  What we ask now is if any one remembers the age in The Bahamas when cocaine addictions were at its height?  The term junkie or crack head was everywhere. Some of these same people who you see dressing up in wigs and gowns today, were cocaine addicts and crack heads.  When you went in the crack house, a man would do anything for a hit.  The going rate for receptive fellatio we are advised was twenty dollars. The term “lolly” was what they used to describe it. So now the question has to be asked to the Speaker and all who banged on the table on 14th February: are they familiar with the terms and the cost of a “lolly”?  They advise us that this was male on male as well.  The crack heads didn’t make any distinction.  Mr. Speaker and Members of the House of Assembly: what say you?