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cialis usa healing times;”>( Shame On Candia Dames And Eileen Carron Of The Guardian & Trib)

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There is a double standard that operates in this country when it comes to the treatment by the media of black people and white people.  The media is biased and not balanced.  We refer now to the two newspapers The Tribune and Nassau Guardian which tend to drive public opinion and which organizations are implacably opposed to the PLP and to black people.  People who criticize us for questioning the ethics of  the journalists at The Guardian and The Tribune in particular Mesdames Candia Dames and Eileen Carron have now before them a case in point

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. These two women used their clout at the newspapers to savage Ishmael Lightbourne, a black man, a PLP and they hounded him  until the government quietly had him withdraw from being the public face of the VAT campaign.  He was accused of not settling his real property tax bill.  They championed a man named Robert Myers who was head of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce  and the Bahamas Employers’ Confederation. He also headed an anti VAT tax coalition.  Every day he was in the newspaper with some campaign about the government and how it should go after those who do not pay taxes, collect what is owed and on and on ad nauseum. Turns out that Mr. Myers himself was a tax cheat.  He tried it appears to bring in a car at an under value, claiming that the car was used and had been damaged just after he bought it.  They also found 4000 dollars’ worth of clothes and other stuff in the back trunk which were not declared.  When caught, he fessed up, saying that it was not his but his wife’s car and that it was an error in the value by the brokers. He paid the fine and then paid the real duty in the customs court.  This incensed the young customs officers in Customs and they thought that the Comptroller Charles Turner gave favourable treatment to a rich white man.  Mr. Turner denied it and said that he had never spoken to the man and the car was not the man’s.  The problem is that Mr. Myers himself in the letter of resignation from the two bodies that he heads has contradicted that claim.  Any way he is gone and it only shows that  Romans 3: 23 is absolutely correct that all  have sinned and come short of the glory of God.  Mr. Myers and these people who support him ought to calm down and stop spreading the hysteria about VAT.  VAT is nothing  and they need to cut it out.   Kudos to the young ZNS reporter Cleopatra Murphy who exposed Mr. Myers as a tax cheat.  Condemnation for Candia Dames and Eileen Carron for their silence because of who he was.  Shame on them.


You may click here for the full statement by Mr. Myers.