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This is the third time we have brought this nastiness at the ramp at Montagu to the attention of the authorities.  This morning Sunday 5 August, the garbage was overflowing and the place was swarming with flies.  You can see in the background customers lining up to collect their fish and conch.  This is nastiness.  This is unhealthy.  We already have a conch poisoning problem which is related to dumping raw sewerage into the harbour.  Are we going to wait until there is some other problem before we do something? It confounds us that as beautiful as this place The Bahamas is, that depends on its beauty to make a living that we keep it so poorly.  The Montagu Beach Park and its environs including the ramp serve both the rich and the poor of the eastern part of New Providence.  Right next to the ramp is the posh and racially exclusive Royal National Sailing Club.  Then on the western side is the Nassau Sailing Club started by Pop Symonette because he was black and couldn’t get into the Royal Nassau Sailing Club.  In the middle is the Montagu Beach Park, where black people go to swim on their days off. It is packed with activity.  So these are indigenous reasons why the place should not be kept so nasty.  Everywhere you look is garbage, garbage, garbage. All over the public park and alas the ramp.  The people’s time Government since they are so efficient ought to do something about it.