National Heroes Day

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Senator Fred Mitchell speaks in honour of National Heroes Day Committee member Maxwell Turner in the presence of Mrs Turner and Rev Canon Sebastian Campbell at St Gregory’s Church in Nassau 8 October

Senator Fred Mitchell with the Heroes of Fox Hill honoured today at St Paul’s Church 9 October from left Derrell Moss, Agnes Cash and Florinda Francis.

Senator Fred Mitchell with the Leaders of the Church of God of Prophecy on National Heroes Day

For the third time in three years, National Heroes Day is a public holiday, replacing the old Discovery Day or Columbus Day of 12 October.  The holiday is the second Monday in October.  This year, the Government did nothing to celebrate the day.  However, private non- governmental organizations did so.  The Church of god of Prophecy held a march and rally to honour their heroes of the church.  St Gregory’s Church led by the ever intrepid Canon Sebastian Campbell held the annual service by the National Heroes Day Committee.  The Fox Hill Old Scholars Association held its annual service to honour the heroes of Fox Hill.  Senator Fred Mitchell attended all of the functions for the Opposition PLP.