Nicolette Bethel Weighs In On Carnival

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viagra try times;”>Nicolette_BethelThe former Director of Culture and daughter of cultural icons E Clement and Keva Bethel  weighed in on the Carnival on her Facebook page.  Not being quizzical like Dr. Ian Strachan ( see comment on this site) she seemed to take a middle road which is yes it was successful but that we have allowed ourselves to do was dilute Junkanoo which we invented and nurtured in favour of Carnival which we borrowed from Trinidad. 

tadalafil sovaldi sale times;”>Perhaps Dr. Bethel but we do not believe that Junkanoo can be destroyed so easily.   We didn’t discard it.  The leading Junkanoo aficionados Winston “ Gus “ Cooper and Percy “ Vola “ Francis designed what you see here. 

The Carnival is Junkanoo.  It is the economically sustainable version of it.  What about that don’t we get. 

You may click here for her full statement.