Niki Kelly Gets It All Wrong In The Punch

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image024viagra sale buy times;”>Sometimes you have to ask yourself what is  with these folk who write these columns in the press.  How is it that they all end up being anti PLP?  How is it that they all end up being so sensitive to any comment that mentions race that they go ballistic?  You would have thought that a sensible woman or so she appears like Niki Kelly would simply get over the fact that this is a Black country and that the ethos is African and  that the history  is one of oppression by the Whites and that it isn’t over yet.  That even if it’s over there is no issue with repeating that as the history of this country especially on Emancipation Day.  But unfortunately and surprisingly, cialis buy she seems to  be like the others, a prisoner of her race and the past.  The first thing we have always said is what is a supposedly sensible woman like her doing writing in The Punch.  Jesus, can’t she go out and find decent work or a  decent paper to write in.  Secondly, you ask yourself how is it that she repeats the trashy untruths about Fred Mitchell and his ambitions as if they were the truth, joining  her former employer Eileen Carron at The Tribune in spouting tendentious nonsense.  In her  article in The Punch on 13th August, she claims that Mr. Mitchell went too far in excoriating Sarkis Izmirlian about his public comments against the Prime Minister .  That this would send a fright to the investment community.  The only problem is nothing that has happened in the past or the present  in the history of The Bahamas suggests that any of what she says is true.  We know that she and her ilk have predicted doom and gloom before but the country survived and still survives.  It is because of that we often have to say to people, when they repeat what she writes, “ but she writes for The Punch”.  That should tell you what her opinion is worth.