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Dr, Duane Sands who is the worst Minister of Health the country has ever seen is crying once more in the press.  He has announced that there are no beds available to take anyone into the Princess Margaret Hospital and so for the time being and until further notice, all elective surgery has to be postponed.  So that hernia that’s been bothering you, that’s off.  That goitre that you need removed from your neck, well that’s off too.  Tying your tubes to stop from having babies, well that is off too.  Dr. Sands says he hopes that there is not a mass tragedy or the hospital will be in trouble.  No Dr. Sands, you will be trouble.  Your lousy performance as Minister of Health’s to blame.  You came in with the ideological nonsense in opposition to National Health Insurance.  This was the only way to pay for the work that has to be done at the hospital, but you let your private financial greed get in the way of your good judgement.  The Bahamian people bought into the lies of your campaign and now here we are.  NO beds in the hospital.  NO way to build new rooms.  No way in the foreseeable future to get us out of the mess.  One thing you could try and that is to get the equally ineffective Prime Minister to give you some money from the Treasury.  Oh yes, we forgot, there is no money in the Treasury either.  What a state this people’s time Government.   The real issue here is the money and we believe that Dr. Sands is running this public message because he cannot get the cooperation of the Ministry of Finance to give him the money he needs so he is putting on the public pressure.  Of course when you have an obtuse Minister of Finance, that won’t work either.