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The Free National Movement and its Leader Michael Pintard was frothing at the mouth for the last two weeks over a statement that Glenys Hanna Martin, the Minister of Education, made about the RCCL Project at Paradise Island which is opposed by Atlantis and by environmentalists.  The Minister said that she had not changed her views with regard to the project.  The Prime Minister said that the project was different from the one approved by the FNM and on that basis, he had changed his mind and that when the minister appreciates the change, he was certain that she would support it.  On Sunday last he issued a statement in which he said that the statement by the Minister did not breach the Ministerial code of collective responsibility.  Notwithstanding that the Leader of the Opposition Michael Pintard was in the House of Assembly beating that dead horse.  He was stopped by Fred Mitchell, Party Chair, who told him that the Prime Minister is the arbiter of the code and if says there was no breach, there was no breach.