No Gas For Police In Crooked Island

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2 February 2018

The following note was posted on What’s App on 2 February from a PLP in Crooked Island:

This is what the Police in Crooked Island have to recourse to because they and all of the other government agencies are place on a stop list from getting fuel due to non payments to the supplier by the former and present governments. This is  ridiculous how are the Police suppose to patrol the island? How is social services suppose to visit the elderly who is in  need of assistance? How can Environmental Health spray for all of the mosquitoes on this Island? How can the nurses get around to render assistance to those elderly that don’t have any means of getting to the clinic? How does the Island administrator get around. I heard that this is the same for Acklins due to the fact that the fuel supplier also owns the gas stations on both islands, he is also the owner of the mail boat that services those Island’s and no one is allowed to put fuel on the boat but him.  Now that is absurd, how can one man have so much power where he have the monopoly on fuel. Please this have been going on to long and it is time that the government step in. We have complained from the PM down now we are coming here. I am a resident of Crooked Island and we are not being treated fairly and it is time for it to stop.