No Money To Hold A Convention

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best cialis times, serif;”>The PLP was quite amused at the talk about the FNM not having any money to hold their two day convention.  The people who have the money, the Bay Street crowd are withholding their funding.  Brent Symonette went so far as to say in the press that he would not be giving any money to the campaign of Dr. Minnis. He and Richard Lightbourn, another of his kind, said that it was the job of the leader to find the money for the convention.  Mind you Dr. Minnis never wanted to have a convention.  They did but he has to find the money.  Go figure.  That is UBP logic for you.  Anyway our sources tell us that Dr. Minnis has found the money and he will be wining and dining the delegates from the day they arrive in Nassau to the day they leave.