No Vacancy For PM… No Conspiracy Either

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generic cialis find times;”>The Punch reported in its Thursday 3rd September edition that  Fred Mitchell MP for Fox Hill and Philip Davis, viagra sale the Deputy Prime Minister are involved in some kind of conspiracy to run for leader of the PLP.  In Mr. Mitchell’s case The Punch said that Mr. Mitchell has sent Raynard Rigby former party chair as a  stalking horse for his effort.    Once again Ivan Johnson has let his vivid imagination get carried away with him.  If there is one man who knows when to declare he is running for leader of the PLP that must be Fred Mitchell.  He has  not done so and  there is nothing to speculate upon.  As for Mr. Davis, he has said he is ready to lead and that can be read to mean what anyone wishes one assumes.  There is a right of every PLP to run for any post which is available and it is neither conspiratorial or improper to wish or declare to do so.