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The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis was a master at fanciful stories, boorish attacks and low life behaviour in the House of Assembly on Wednesday 27 January 2021. He was speaking, trying as he might, to defend the indefensible request to extend the emergency orders that have now been in place for 11 months, that have crippled the economy and pissed off the citizenry.

According to the Prime Minister, he needs these emergency powers so that if something occurs in the nature of  another wave in the pandemic, he will have the powers to restrict our movements to bring the wave  to an end. If you follow that logic then, there is no national public emergency at this moment.  The substratum of his request therefore is a lie and on the basis of that alone it should to be granted.

However, given the craven nature of his supporters in the House and the Senate, not one man or woman spoke up against this unseemly and unnecessary power grab from his side. 

The Progressive Liberal Party’s Leader Philip Davis pointed out that  on two previous occasion, the orders had expired.  Their six month term had come to an end.  The regulations say quite clearly that within six weeks of the expiry of the emergency, there is to be a public accounting. A violation of that public accounting rule carries with it a 10,000 dollar fine and/or a jail term.

Will the Attorney General do his duty and bring his boss into account? Do not hold your breath.

In the meanwhile, the emergency now continues by act of Parliament until the 23rd May 2021.  Our lives are a nuisance of small slights by nasty policemen and petty officials at airports and bureaucrats telling you that you cannot have a proper funeral for your loved ones. 

There is a day of reckoning coming soon. We keep saying to the younger ones , go get registered.  On election day vote Hubert Minnis and his mean and incompetent government out of office.