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It was revealed in the press this week that the Government of Hubert Minnis has gone one step farther in their witch hunt against the PLP and the false war on corruption.  They have caused a letter to be written to the substantive holder of the post of the Financial Secretary Simon Wilson who they sent on vacation to show cause why he should not be dismissed.  Then they had their front man at The Punch run a false story that he had been fired.  They accused Mr. Wilson in the letter of acting without authority to procure goods for the Government of The Bahamas and enter into contracts without authority.  This the same run they have against former PLP MPs who they have brought before the courts.  Now they are using the mechanisms of the public service to harass former actors in the PLP administration.  Unfortunately, the PLP still hasn’t got the confidence to respond and physically confront these people for what they are doing. It is however only a matter of time before that is what happens.  You actually run out of adjectives to describe the behaviour of the crooks who now govern us.  They are lining their pockets every day but claiming others are corrupt.  This now is a scheme to say that not only was the politician corrupt but also the public servant.  Leader of the PLP Philip Davis defended Mr. Wilson at his monthly press conference. He also defended Michelle Reckly, former PLP Assistant Secretary General who was called in by the police and then the matter was leaked into the public domain by an interview from the police. All part of the plan.  One day these folk will do for more and then that is when the rubber will meet the road.