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So someone reminded Hubert Minnis, the low life that is now the Leader of the Opposition, that it hardly lies in his mouth to criticize the bringing back of retired pubic servants.  He was the master at it.  This list appeared on Facebook:

Dr. Minnis is the biggest hypocrite in The Bahamas. 

It is public knowledge that he brought back the following retired persons:

Camille Johnson (PS)-Secretary to the Cabinet 

Marlon Johnson (Budget Officer)-Ag. Financial Secretary 

Carl Smith (PS)-Permanent Secretary 

Joshua Sears (PS)-Senior Policy Advisor, OPM

Viana Gardener (Counsel)-Chief Executive Officer, PMDU, OPM

Sterling Quant (Registrar General)-Ambassador to China

Melonie Roach (Director Public Works)-Director of Public Works

Anthony Ferguson (COP)-Director, National Crime Intelligence Agency 

Quinn McCartney (ACP)-Director, Financial Intelligence Unit

Samuel Butler (ACP)-Assistant Director, National Crime Intelligence Agency 

Algernon Cargill (Director, NIB)-Director, Civil Aviation Department 

Brandace Duncanson (Counsel)-Deputy Director, Immigration 

Eugenia Cartwright (Treasurer)-Deputy Financial Secretary 

Sir Michael Barnett (Chief Justice)-President, Court of Appeal

Dame Anita Allen (Pres. Court of Appeal)-Law Reform and Revision Commissioner 

Dr. Marceline Dahl-Regis, Consultant in the Ministry of Health on COVID.

Now, the hypocrite Minnis, wants to tell this new decent Government, what to do. 

This list is not exhaustive.