Omar Archer And Krissy Love

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Two of the nastiest individuals in The Bahamas are the two people in the headline of this story.  They have been engaged in one episode after the next of lies, deceit, nastiness and crude behavior.  They have acted with impunity because the FNM has used them to attack the PLP.  Fred Smith Q C even gave Omar Archer money.   Perhaps they have now gone too far.  They engaged in an obscene rant against a Judge of the Supreme Court Cheryl Grant Bethel Thompson.  She summoned them informally to court on 1 September.  Ms. Love sent her lawyer Damien Gomez Q C.  Mr. Archer responded with more obscenities. The Judge adjourned the matter the informal hearing and then reportedly issued summonses to both of them for contempt answerable on 15 September.  We shall see where this leads but it is about time someone gets to control the behavior of these two crude people and put them in the places in Fox Hill where they belong.