Omar Archer: The Musings Of A Natural Ass

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cialis sales malady times;”>Omar Archer thinks of himself as a hero.  He is losing whatever sense he had before he jumped out of the window of the magistrate’s court.  We reported last week that this man who specializes in a crazy kind of politics where he defames criminally PLP and public figures opposed to the FNM in an attempt to escape from the police jumped out of the window of the Magistrates Court and ended breaking both his legs.  He actually confirmed the story on video which he circulated with him laying up in bed in hospital. 

for sale times;”>Mr. Archer  claims that he has sacrificed much for the cause and the broken legs is the price he has to pay for the cause.   What cause?  He has none save the political lunacy in which he is engaged.  A stupid guy, bordering on politically insane, thinks he has a cause. 

He said he was grateful for all the support he got.  We say again,  he cannot even get it right when it comes to jumping out the window.  He’s trying to break his neck not his legs.  Oh Lord how long?