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Senator Fred Mitchell with Senators Michael Darville, JoBeth Coleby Davis, Clay Sweeting at the Senate 20 May 2021 voting against the extension of the emergency order.

Senator Fred Mitchell coined a new expression in the Senate while speaking on Thursday 20 May 2021. He was talking about the fact that the PLP would not and did not support the extension of the dictatorial powers of the Prime Minister during this covid emergency.  The emergency was extended by Parliament to 13 August 2021.  The PLP  voted no.

Senator Mr. Mitchell told the Attorney General that contrary to what he the AG was saying that the country was experiencing covid fatigue, the country was in fact suffering FNM fatigue. He said that was the real issue and since the FNM refused to go back to the country for a fresh mandate, he ( Senator Mitchell) would be engaged from now on what he called his  “McConnell Mission”.  That was taken after the American Leader of the Senate in the United States who said his singular job was to ensure that Jo Biden’s programmes were defeated.

So Senator Mitchell says that his job is to make sure that the FNM’s ruinous programmes for the country do not succeed.

We agree and we give some further advice. Given the level of disrespect which the FNM shows toward the PLP, the constant interruptions by spurious points of order and the  fact that neither the Senate President or the House Speaker protect the rights of the minority, the PLP should enter a phase of coordinated noncooperation. They should show up to the House and Senate, mark themselves present, cuss the Government out and then leave.