Opposition moving a vote of no confidence in the Speaker

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From The Office of the Chair of the Progressive Liberal Party

On The Next Steps For the PLP in the House of Assembly

For Immediate Release

12 February 2018

The Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis MP Q C has by private to notice to the Speaker of The House of Assembly dated 9 February 2018 served notice of the intention of the Leader or another member of the Opposition moving a vote of no confidence in the Speaker.

Mr Davis has also asked that the Speaker clarify when the four suspended members of the PLP will be allowed back into the House so as to avoid any further loss of decorum in the House.

The conventions of the House call for such a resolution to be debated as a matter of priority and without the Speaker in the Chair.

The PLP stands behind its Members of Parliament in their fight against the injustices wrought against them by the Speaker of the House. We encourage all PLP members, supporters and persons of goodwill to attend the House and the public square for the debate on the resolution.

The notice is attached.