Ortland Bodie Is He Fit And Proper?

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viagra sale buy times;”>obodieURCA must be asked to act to ensure that Ortland Bodie’s talk show is removed from the air because of violation of its content rules.  Mr. Bodie on Friday 27th March engaged in a slanderous, salacious campaign against a number of ministers of the government.  This is coming from man who was disbarred from the Bahamas Bar for stealing the money of his clients.  He is unable to get back to the Bar because the money that he stole, he has still not returned it to the people that he took it from. These were people who trusted him to get money for a personal injury settlement and he stole it.  Now on this radio show he shamelessly peddles influence begging this one and that to make appearances, hustling for money to ensure that he does not say anything unfavourable about them.  It is simply disgraceful and URCA and his employer must act.