Osmond Roach Dies And Is Buried

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Fred Mitchell told the National General Council meeting on Thursday 19 July the following about Osmond Roach: “In 1981 to 1982 when I was the Editor of The Herald, the party’s newspaper, I could not find anyone to circulate the paper.  So we had these papers all nicely written and printed but no way to get them out every week.  People were clamouring for them.  Ozzie ran a bookstore and newspaper store in the Columbus Arcade on Bay Street.  He told me he would do it.  He picked the papers up every week when they were printed at the Guardian and distributed them throughout the island.  He was a faithful to the party.  We developed a strong friendship and I got to know his wife and children from their early years up to now.  Needless to say I am shocked at his passing.  I will miss him dearly and I think the party owes him a debt of gratitude.” He is survived by Catherine, his wife, children Dorian, Cameron, Katie, Everette, Denise,Stephanie,Ruby,and Brunell