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Baroness Patricia Scotland with Paul Kigame, President of Rwanda and Chair of the Commonwealth

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister set his dogs on Patricia Scotland, the Baroness from Dominica who grew up in England and rose to become the first Black woman to be Attorney General of the United Kingdom under then Prime Minister Tony Blair and who is now as of Friday 23 June 2022 reappointed Secretary General of the Commonwealth.  Congratulations

In his explicable effort to oust her from the job, he was joined by the Liberal Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau who seemed to have some kind of personal vendetta against her. And then there was the Australians.  The report was that the attacks on the Baroness within the halls of the Commonwealth office in London by Australia bordered on racist and certainly misogynist. There was just no logical explanation for it.

So there you have the white Commonwealth was arrayed against Baroness Scotland. How were they going to do the hatchet job?  They first thought they could get Kenya to do their dirty work.  That collapsed in a heap. Then they found Jamaica.

Who could believe that Jamaica, the home of Marcus Garvey, would turn out to be a stooge for the British. After all the denigration of the Jamaicans by the British during the colonial period and all the  history of mistreatment of Jamaicans who emigrated to Britain after the Second World War, Jamaica become a toady for the British. They put up candidate even after sitting in a Caricom meeting in Belize in February to affirm that the Caricom region  gave overwhelming support to the Baroness and her reappointment.

Boris Johnson said it was a great exercise in democracy.  He said that in the face of his third defeat on the week: he lost two crucial bye-elections in Britain as well. Andrew Holness had to stop the Canadian Justin Trudeau from setting aside the vote  for the Baroness in the Commonwealth meeting by saying they accepted the result. He wore his face well in defeat, but for their treachery, they all have egg on their faces.

So once again it’s Baroness Scotland for Secretary General of the Commonwealth.  Now let’s see what Boris and Canada and Australia do . Let’s see if they really  think that this is a Commonwealth of equals.