Picewell Forbes MP On FNM’s Stupid Decision On The IAAF Relays

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Picewell Forbes MP Shadow Sports Minister


The Bahamas Government issued a statement on Saturday 7 July confirming the stupidity of their decision to cancel the IAAF relays for 2019.  The Jamaican Government, a country, in far worse shape than The Bahamas decided to take up the relays.  The Bahamas Government pleaded that they didn’t have the money.  They are effen liars. This is just another slap in the face to young Black people in this country.  They are a bloody disgrace.  Earlier, Picewell Forbes, the PLP’s spokesman the youth and sports and culture issued this statement:

From The Shadow Minister for Sports Picewell Forbes MP

On reported Cancellation of IAAF Relays

For Immediate Release

6 July 2018

The Government must come clean on the reports that they have cancelled the country’s support for the IAAF Relays scheduled to be held in Nassau in the spring of 2019.

These relays have become a signature brand for the country and was a significant boost to the economy and exposure in advertising during the traditional slow period in the spring time for tourism. It has added immeasurably to our tourism product.

What could have led to this decision?

The report is that there is lack of money to fund the relays and its mechanisms. This cannot be so since the monies bandied about in the public domain are not significant, given the returns which the country gets.

Indeed the Government has expanded its own travel budget by one million dollars.

The FMN’s decision, if confirmed, is short-sighted and foolish. It is a slap in the face to the sporting community and the youth of the nation. It is the wrong decision. It is bad for the economy and the tourism trade. It is penny wise and pound foolish.