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Statement By Senator Fred Mitchell
Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party
On Response To The National Review
For Immediate Release
1 November 2017
I continue to be amazed at the nastiness and low life journalism of Candia Dames and the Nassau Guardian. What a nasty, filthy comment she made this morning. It is no wonder that I once accused her of having saw dust for brains. I now say that she is dull as nails and all of her commentary on me, the PLP and its leaders should be ignored.
The comments she made in her National Review this morning are so nasty and unbecoming, the owners of The Guardian should be thoroughly ashamed of her. Ms. Dames cannot prescribe for PLPs how we ought to react to FNM drivel and nastiness. Like will be met with like.
If the Prime Minister would stay out of our business, then we would stay out of his.
The facts are Dr. Hubert Minnis on Saturday past and for the second time in a week was dancing the night away while people were sleeping in cars and massive layoffs are going on under his government. That is a fact. The only point is whether the PLP’s statement was true or false.
What former Prime Minister Perry Christie did or did not do in this context is of no import or relevance to today’s life and times. Mr. Minnis is the Prime Minister now and must account for his own behaviour as Prime Minister. The reason that the statement was issued by us on Monday was to make Dr. Minnis live up to the same standard he set while Mr. Christie was Prime Minister. He said that we PLPs lived in a bubble dancing while people suffered. So guess who is doing it now. If it were bad then, it’s bad now. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander in this context.
The PLP’s statement was totally tongue in cheek and Ms. Dames’ brain is so dull and thick she is unable to understand irony or cheekiness in public discourse.
Journalism is in a bad state. Lord help us.