PLP Leader On Cabinet Changes

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From The Office of The Leader of The Opposition

On Announced Cabinet Changes

For Immediate Release

2 July 2018

The changes in portfolio allocations announced by the Prime Minister amount to nothing more than political musical chairs. It accomplishes nothing of substance and is merely shuffling the deck of bad cards.

One year into the Government, the Prime Minister’s moves condemn his own government for incompetence and ineffectiveness. Mercifully the poor, hungry and dispossessed are relieved of the disaster visited upon them in Lanisha Rolle as Social Services Minister. Sadly she is now let loose on the sports, youth and cultural community. She should have been dispatched to the backbenches.

The PLP is not impressed by any of it. One day into imposing a whopping 60 per cent increase in tax on the Bahamian people, our Prime Minister seeks to distract us from real problems imposed by his government with this nonsensical cabinet shuffle.