PLP Leader Philip Davis Speaks Out On Marijuana

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A scene from the Town Hall Meeting on Marijuana at Holy Trinity 5 January 2018.

PLP Leader Philip Davis, speaking to the Nassau Guardian, said that he thought that the issue of medical marijuana is one that The Bahamas should take advice on.  He was speaking in the shadow of a visit by the Marijuana Commission appointed by CARICOM in 2014 to look into the question of how the laws on marijuana ought to evolve in The Bahamas given the changing views on the subject.  There was a meeting hosted by the Commission headed by Rose Marie Antione, who is the Dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of the West Indies on 5 January at the Holy Trinity Parish Hall and hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, There was a full turn out and the usual suspects came out to get the microphone for the live streamed meeting.  There were the Rasta groups and the irrational Africanists and those who pleaded there was a white conspiracy to stop marijuana from getting to Black people.  The most sensible of the group was a man David Cash, an attorney, who said that the laws should be changed, prohibition ought to end and this would result in crime dropping, the  resources wasted by the police can be allocated elsewhere, and our young men would stop becoming criminals and stigmatized for the rest of their lives.  Amen Mr. Cash.   The PLP should support the complete legalization of marijuana in The Bahamas.