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Here’s how a typical constituency office day goes for anyone running for the PLP.  The room is crowded long before the starting time, and long after it ends.   They are there in their numbers.  Without exception, each one is looking for a job and not just any job, a government job.

They all have heard that they are hiring at Sandilands.  They all have heard that if the Minister or MP gives you a letter to take to education you can get on as security or janitress.  When the truth is told to them, they say is there any place else that you can put them in Government.  Everyone wants to work for the government.  There are people who are working, the salary is exactly the same as the government pays but they want to work from the government.  They say it is because it allows them to go to the bank and borrow money.

It gets worse since the general election is upon us.  This is called political blackmail of a special kind.  The woman who shows up and says she wants to be hired as a janitress or security.  She lets you know that she has ten votes in her house and when told the truth that there is no recruitment of janitresses or security in the schools, she says that she is not voting for anyone and neither are the ten people in her house.

Then there is the woman who has five votes in her house.  She says that she needs social services help. They are in her words giving her the run around. A check reveals that she has not even submitted an application. She simply saw the long lines in social services and decided the MP was the way to go.   She said that if she is not given help, she nor her five votes in the house will support.

Then there is the woman who went to social services and was told that her right to assistance was being terminated.  They told her that she should appeal if she does not like the decision. She did not. Instead she ran up to the MP and said: “My children need something to eat.”  When asked did she appeal?  She said no.  When asked how she expected to get the problem solved if she did not appeal.  Her answer was: “so my children are not supposed to eat?” The children are standing at her side.

That is what every MP faces in this country today. Every day. There is no sense of a common good, no sense that the individual has some responsibility, no sense that the world and its benefits are not free that there is a need for process.  It is just the general election is coming and we want what we want and now.

So again what does the PLP do in the circumstances? Circumstances where everything is blamed on the PLP and the Government. They wake up and the bed is wet, it is the PLP’s fault. It is a strange insanity that is going on; everyone is self-absorbed.  It is me, me, and me. Only truth can win out.  Frankness can win out.  The poor must be helped.  It’s the PLP that can do this.  The FNM will stop review and cancel. It is not about Minnis and his foibles; it is about the PLP and what it will do for people.  The vision it is has; the fact that it will help.

Melanie Griffin who is the Social Services Minister says to her staff:  “If they need immediate assistance, they should not be sent away without giving them some help.  Amen. That is the PLP’s way.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 1 April 2017 up to midnight: 204,934;
Number of hits for the month of March up to Friday 31st March 2017 up to midnight: 812,293;
Number of hits for the year 2017 up to Saturday 1 April 2017 up to midnight: 2,628,217.