PLP Module Ends Today

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The inaugural module for aspirant candidates for the PLP ends today after four days of meetings, discussions, dialogue and lectures.  The series began on Wednesday 2o June and ends today.  All people who want to be candidates for the PLP have to take the course.  You cannot apply for candidacy of the party unless you are certified as having taken that course. Philip Davis, Leader of the Party told the Nassau Guardian that the course was a success. Here is what he said in his own words on 22nd of June:

“We had 73 persons registered and we cut it off because we didn’t want too large a crowd,” Davis said.

“We had to cut it off because we were oversubscribed.

“It’s the first of its kind. We intend to have more as time progresses. We may have one more before the end of the year. Then next year we will consider how many more we will have.”

“It is a module for aspiring candidates for our party and persons to any other public office.”

“We are trying to have discussions on what is expected of candidates if elected.”

“We are readying ourselves.

“Once the process begins they will make themselves known to the various constituencies and then once the selection process starts, then the candidates committee will interview them.”

Senator Fred Mitchell, Chairman of the PLP told The Tribune this on 22 June:

“The mischief this is designed to cure is to see if we can avoid the Andre Rollins, Greg Moss, Renward Wells problem where people use the party for their purposes and then when it becomes convenient, they attack the party and then go (on) their way. Secondly, people feel there is a need for people to be more firmly grounded in what the PLP actually believes and not approach candidacies as a beauty contest but rather people who are really interested and knowledgeable about public service and what that means.”