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From The Office of Chairman of the PLP

FNM Chair Carl Culmer Should Read Uncle Tom’s Cabin By Harriet Beacher Stowe

For Immediate Release

13 July 2018

Carl Culmer, the FNM Chairman, just keeps on saying dumber and dumber things. Today in the press he is blaming the PLP for oppressing Black people in the run up to independence.

If there were a law against telling lies, Mr Culmer would be now serving a long sentence in jail.

This is a classic example of what is known as Uncle Tomism. That means you blame the slaves for being in their condition and you get one of their own to say so.

How could a modern Bahamian, presumably educated in our country as a result of the policies of the PLP; whose island elected representatives of the PLP to take the country into independence; who benefitted from a senior job in a public corporation as a result of PLP policies; who lives in a free nation because of what the PLP did; whose very own FNM leaders were once PLP, speak such total and complete nonsense.

Instead of seeking to fix Grand Bahama with 5 FNM MPs and three Senators, he is spinning falsehoods.

Mr Culmer should go sit in the graveyard in Savannah Sound and weep for his sins.