PLP Welcomes New FNM Chair

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Sidney Collie on the right raises hands with his opponent for the race for Chairman of the FNM Rodney Moncur.  

The PLP congratulates a familiar political foe, Sidney Collie, on his election victory as chairman of the Free National Movement.

The former FNM Deputy Leader, Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister is experienced in the administration of party operations and well versed in the principles of national governance. It is hoped that these advantages will assist Mr. Collie in avoiding the unfortunate pitfalls that plagued former chairs Cash and Pintard.

Of particular interest was Mr. Collie’s comment about foreign billionaires using big money to have their way in this country. I fully agree with Mr. Collie that billionaires should not be allowed to use their wealth to undermine long held constitutionally guaranteed parliamentary privileges in this country nor should they be allowed to conspire with Bahamians to undermine the sovereignty of this country by seeking to destabilize a duly elected government.

I fully intend to hold Mr. Collie’s feet to the fire on this bold and principled position he has taken, contrary to the apparent sentiment and actions of the leadership of his party.

That said, I welcome Sidney’s return to the political battlefield and look forward to vigorous debates on public policy matters of national import all for the benefit of the Bahamian people and our beloved country.