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So one police officer boasted to Jasper Ward of The Nassau Guardian that the police had written some 395,000 dollars’ worth of tickets to motorists. He was boasting about this in a country where people are unemployed, no food and no housing. Is that anything to be proud about?  In Grand Bahama it is ridiculous, ten roadbooks throughout the city that does not have a pot to piss in. The courts are overwhelmed with citations for traffic violations. In Nassau, they are stopping you they say to search for guns and ammunition. This is all unlawful said Senator Fred Michell .  There is a ruling of the court that you cannot reasonably suspect everyone. The Government and the FNM MPs in Grand Bahama are silent on the issue.  However, Senator Mitchell said do not make any mistake about it. This is a government mandated enforcement, so poor people are being made to pay for the stupidity of the FNM government that has left us without any money in the treasury.