Preclearance Flight Centre For The Bahamas in Ft. Lauderdale

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20 August 2021

Thanks to Andy Ingraham, Bahamian Businessman South Florida

First session for Bahamian Aviation Students at đź‡§đź‡¸ Preclearance Centre at Banyan Aviation Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport on Saturday 21 August 2021. The Students included Akil Rose, Shakhori Rose, Kaiden McCartney and Dominique Bain Jr. Our young people starting their future in the aviation industry which is not only a key industry in The Bahamas but also in the world.  This is all made possible by our generous supporters including, Bahamas Global Clearance, Banyan Aviation, Richard Haughton The CA Smith International Foundation, Dr. Bill Pickard, Tropic Ocean, Staniel Air and many others.  Thank you for making the dreams of our young people possible. Andy Ingraham.  Bahamas Global Clearance