Queen Elizabeth’s Family Feud

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Queen Elizabeth stunned

Price Charles won’t touch it with a barge pole

Prince Andrew is sulking about the treatment of his daughters

Sorry about the odd looking pictures of Her Majesty the Queen, viagra canada her son Charles and his younger brother Andrew.  But the story was just too funny to pass up.  The Daily Express of Britain, viagra canada quoting unnamed sources in Britain last week reported that there is a bit of fight going on with the Queen and her sons.   The Queen has been written a vexing and impertinent letter from her younger son Andrew saying that he is isn’t getting enough because the Queen is leaving out his daughters from Royal duties and they are not on the public payroll as a result.  You may remember that Andrew got his knuckles rapped because he was cavorting with an unsavoury businessmen and so is severely restricted in what he is allowed to do.  His daughters don’t get paid from the Royal list but he wants them to be given proper Royal duties and put on the public payroll.  He also wants them to get better apartments from the Queen than where they live now.  Some people just don’t know when enough is enough.  Royalty in Britain survives because it has accommodated itself to the slimmed version which we now see and where they all try and carry their weight.  The current leaders are William and Kate from the next generation and Andrew doesn’t like all the attention the heir to the throne and his wife are getting over his daughters.  Andrew is from the past and ruined his own reputation.  The two little Princesses don’t rate.  The Queen is said to have been so stunned by the stupidity of the letter that she simply is doing nothing and letting the officials deal with it.  Charles is apoplectic and believes that Andrew’s cry is misplaced.  He doesn’t want to get into any public row that would affect his popularity and chance at the throne.  So poor Andrew is steaming.  We are sure many an older brother knows of a younger brother that just doesn’t get it.  There you have it. The Queen has her troubles too and it’s a family feud.