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Carl Bethel, the Government’s leader in the Senate, had it all worked out with Ranard Hanfield, the fake and phony activist, who now seeks to go under the name of consultative senator.   Mr. Hanfield is an FNM and his best buddies are FNM.  They played a game on the Bahamian people during the last general election that he was somehow an independent thinker but it was totally an FNM game plan.   Their little march was paid for and promoted and participated in by FNM partisans.   Now fast forward to the meeting of the Senate Friday 15June when he was supposed to   vote against the  bill which they called a Spy Bill to allow for the proper  interception of  electronic communications according to law.  The Bill was first introduced in the last days of the PLP but was shelved because of the protests of the FNM and this man Hanfield that it was a spy bill.  They came back with the same bill.  Carl Bethel could only point to one material change. They claimed this was listening to the people and that it had transformed the bill.  It did not.  It was the same PLP Bill.  In fact as Senator Fred Mitchell explained the bill came about because the Privy Council had questioned the constitutionality of the Listening Devices Act, saving it from being unconstitutional only because of a technicality.  Senator Handfield tried to play man by saying he would vote against it.  Carl Bethel said that he was not really the Government’s whip.  Now all this time they were saying he was the whip in the Senate, but when it came to the vote they knew they were pinned into a corner because the Senator Hanfield would have had to resign his position as whip, they then said he was just the marshaller of speeches.  Roll our eyes.  What slippery crew this FNM group is.  Getting back to the vote; it took place on 15 June and when the   President of the Senate called for the ayes and nays, you could hardly hear Senator Handfield as he said nay. He is a wuss.  He also thinks that he is the centre of the universe with the Leader of the Government business and himself saying that the Senator Fred Mitchell had a personal fascination with Senator Handfield.  This is the same nasty dog whistle politics. But you know there are plenty of fools who flatter themselves by thinking life is all about them. Senator Hanfield is a fool and a traitor to his causes. This about public policy not personal politics.  He and Carl Bethel should think about that.