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Nassau, Bahamas – The Parliamentary Commissioner wishes to inform the general public that daily Voter Registration continues throughout New Providence, at the Parliamentary Registration Department on Farrington Road, Marathon and Town Centre Malls, NIB Headquarters, BEC Headquarters on Baillou Hill Road, Elizabeth Estates Post Office, Carmichael Road Post Office, South Beach Post Office, Cable Beach Post Office, and on Grand Bahama at the Parliamentary Registration Department Sub-Office in NIB Building, Explorer’s Way, Freeport, and at the District Administrator’s Office in the Family Islands, during normal working hours, Monday to Friday.

Also, Evening Voter Registration continues from 1 November 2016, in New Providence, Grand Bahama, and the Family Islands at the following times and places:

Requirements to Register as a Voter

To be entitled to be registered as a voter, a person must be:

(a) A citizen of The Bahamas of full age (i.e. 18 years or older), and not subject to any legal incapacity; and

(b) Must have been, during the entire period of three (3) months preceding that day, ordinarily resident in premises in that constituency.

Documentary Requirements

All persons registering for the first time are required under Section 19(1) (a) (ii) of the Parliamentary Elections Act to produce for the Revising Officer a Bahamian Passport OR a Birth Certificate (or a Baptismal Certificate in lieu thereof). Note that the Revising Officer may also require other evidence, documentary or otherwise, to prove that the applicant is qualified to be registered as a voter. For example, if the applicant is relying on a Birth Certificate, the Revising Officer may require evidence of the citizenship and birth of either or both parents, and applicants relying on Birth Certificates issued after 10 July 1973, should produce either their mother’s Bahamian Passport OR Birth Certificate.

Pursuant to Section 20(1)(a)(i), persons who had formerly been registered, but who are not on the current Register, are required to bring their 2012 Voter’s Card in order to be registered. However, persons may be required to produce reasonable evidence, whether documentary or otherwise, as the Revising Officer shall consider necessary, to prove that they are qualified to be registered.


A registered voter who has moved to a new place of residence over the past three (3) months ought to provide some documentary evidence of his/her change of address in order to apply for a transfer to the new address. Applications for transfers shall be made to the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner on Farrington Road, at the Parliamentary Registration Department in the NIB Building in Freeport, and at the Office of the District Administrator in each Family Island.

An applicant, who only possesses an Affidavit of birth, ought to apply to the Passport Office for his/her Bahamian Passport as evidence (proof) of Bahamian citizenship.

Sherlyn W. Hall (Mr.)

Parliamentary Commissioner

21 November 2016