Responding To Hubert Minnis

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Joey Gaskins, best viagra a businessman and social commentator and COB lecturer was upset about remarks by the Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis that people should centralize their giving efforts.  He posted this on Facebook:

[This a personal statement, I am a little angry, and does not necessarily reflect the views of any organization or relief effort I’ve posted from or for.]

The Leader of the Official Opposition posted this, “A reminder to all to make donations only to the Bahamas Red Cross Society and their verified partners. As they are better equipped to distribute funds and supplies to ALL the affected Islands. I commend all the various groups for starting overseas and local, food and clothing drives as well as online donation pages, but they may become counterproductive and cause confusion. Government Agencies and other Disaster Relief non-profits will find it harder to do their jobs because valuable personnel will be focused on monitoring these various groups to make sure that the distribution of these supplies get those in need.”

Below is the Leader of the Opposition talking next to boxes donated to the Rotary Club, working out of the Odyssey Airport operation, filled with goods donated by every day Bahamians and corporate partners encouraged to come to us through our networks and social media efforts.

If you know me you know that I’ve made it my mission to walk a very careful political line. However, it angers me that the work of private companies and private pilots, over 300 volunteers, delivering nearly 50,000lbs of supplies, assisting in evacuating almost 20% of the population of Crooked Island alone (and the sick and elderly from other islands) and assisting the Royal Bahamas Defense Force and the police by transporting personnel, is being “messaged” as a distraction and counterproductive, while Cabinet Ministers use our resources too. If the government or the Leader of the Opposition worry that donations aren’t being used efficiently, then they can feel free to talk to our flight logistics team, our volunteer organizers or our accountant and suggest to us how they think this operation can work better. However, by redirecting monetary donations, the fuel that is being used by our pilots on joint missions with government agencies and the rapid response of our grassroots efforts will leave us with mounting debt.

Yes, donate to the Red Cross, this is also important but I am here, we are here, for 16hrs a day because we also have skills and resources, and we’ve seen the amazing things that have been accomplished, flat tires or not. The efforts of the RBDF and police, who are working under amazing amounts of pressure are also to be commended, as well as all the other organizations that are leveraging private resources to assist. But empty handed people, who’ve offered no ideas and no encouragement should continue to do what they were doing while we have been here working: have a seat, silently, and watch us take care of our own.