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Just before this column was uploaded for the week, there was in circulation a message in response to the statement by the Chairman of the PLP who was himself responding to Dr. Duane Sands telling the Leader of the Opposition to shut up.   The message appeared on What’s App from a number which is associated with the MP for Bain and Grants Town.  He should disassociate himself from that message.  The message is full of nasty stuff about the Chairman of the PLP, about the wife of the Leader of the PLP and about the Leader of the PLP.  Mr. Robinson touts himself as the wave of the future.  This message comes off as part of that bitter useless cabal of nasty dullard FNMs like Carl Culmer, the Chairman of the FNM. If he continues to associate  himself with that is kind of person instead of being in the bosom of the people like the Minister of Tourism for training,  then people will know what he really is.  He already let the side down when he banged on the table or sat mute as the Speaker of the House of Assembly attacked homosexuals as perverts and reprobates.  Mr. Robinson  apparently approves of that.  This is remarkable.  We say no more.