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Rodney Moncur is a campaign aficionado. Mr. Moncur who began his public life as a political activist and then became a Senator and now is a radio and television talk show host.  This propelled him into the leader of what he calls “The Women’s Dem”.  He is a serious, however.  One of things he is serious about is his morning coffee at McDonalds.  Well that has been interrupted, his morning coffee and sit down with his friends.  The restaurant and its manager decided  that Mr. Moncur and his friends would not be allowed to enter the restaurant.  Not sure why it all happened but it appears that it had to do with Mr. Moncur’s criticism of the restaurant for not allowing  people in to use the bathroom. He was told that his money was no longer good at McDonalds. So every day there have been demonstrations and videos on line of Mr. Moncur attacking the manager of the place as “ a cracker” and calling for the  governmental authorities to remove the man from The Bahamas.